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I have published two novels on Amazon's Kindle platform. Click on the links below to find out more about each title:

Romantic thriller The Puppet Master 
Historical romance A Sister for Margot

You can download either book from Amazon onto a Kindle, ipad, iphone, computer, tablet or Android phone. For any non-Kindle device, you would need to download a free Kindle app first. 


The Puppet Master


"I read this book for my book club and we all loved it. A brilliant thriller, perfect for a holiday read or a rainy day."

-- Florence Phillips, Goodreads

A jealous husband, a wife torn between duty and her desire for a more fulfilling life. Maggie has made some bad choices along the way but does she deserve a second chance? Living in the dangerous world of 1970s Indonesia, Maggie is about to risk everything to follow her heart.

The year is 1977 and the wife of a diplomat arrives back in Indonesia after a summer away. Maggie has two young daughters she adores, a successful husband and an exotic home complete with staff, so why does she feel a sense of foreboding?

Trapped in an unhappy marriage, in a foreign country, Maggie faces a bleak future until a strange accident forces her to take stock. Amid the social whirl of expat Jakarta, she also finds herself dangerously attracted to Doug, an inscrutable geologist from Aberdeen…

Gripping and insightful, The Puppet Master is a story about forbidden love, violent passions and the inexorable wheels of fate. Is Maggie doomed to fail, or does she have another shot at happiness?

If you have already read the book, I would welcome an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads.

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A Sister for Margot

A Sister for Margot


"I absolutely loved this book and will miss the family that I became so involved with over the past few days. I hope Emma has another book in the pipeline!"

-- CountryWives July 2013

Maud, a young actress in war-torn London, has a passionate love affair with a navel office. Forty years later, an orphaned teenager in Ibiza sets out to unravel a family scandal - what happened to Maud and why will no one talk about her?

In a seaside theatre, with Hitler’s bombs raining down, the actress Maud falls in love for the first time. She dreams however of seeing her name in lights and part of her resists getting embroiled in an affair. But she can’t fight her feelings forever.  
Forty years later in an English suburb, Margot is on the brink of divorce and depression after losing her sister in a tragic boating accident. Her orphaned niece Ruby is sent to live with her grandfather in Ibiza, and develops a morbid fascination with the past. Rattling the family skeletons will unearth a secret that touches all of their lives. 
This compelling family saga examines the themes of wasted potential, sibling rivalry and romantic love. Three generations of women struggle to find their niche, while challenging the taboos of their time. 

Press coverage

Top pick on Elle Magazine
A Sister for Margot was chosen as Marlow FM's book of the month in February 2013!
The Ibiza Sun
The Sunday Mercury (see cuttings below)
The Reading Post (see cuttings below)

Clive Limpkin and Emma Clark Lam with Mike Read on BBC Radio Berkshire
My BBC Radio interview with author/photographer Clive Limpkin and DJ Mike Read
Credit: James Gifford-Mead


Jean Morton in the Sunday Mercury
Birmingham's Sunday Mercury newspaper 20/1/13

Jean Morton in the Sunday Mercury
Birmingham's Sunday Mercury newspaper 20/1/13 (close-up of article)

The Reading Post 12/12/12

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