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Friday 5 October 2012

Emma's debut on Blogger

Author of A Sister for Margot
A bit of window dressing. I am a journalist and writer based in the UK. This is the first post of my first blog.

My intention is to use the space as a platform to promote my work, specifically my first novel, A Sister for Margot, which I am going to publish on Kindle shortly.

A Sister for Margot is a family saga in three parts, partly set in England during the second world war, and also in modern-day Ibiza. It follows three women - Maud, a 1940s actress, Margot, the stay-at-home wife turned career woman, and Ruby, an orphan struggling to find her niche. There are men too, but the focus is on how these three different women adapt to the constraints society places upon them. At the heart of the book, there is a riddle that Ruby will attempt to unravel.

Soon I shall post the Prologue for anyone to read and comment on.

My blog is a work in progress, and I am still learning about the world of ebook publishing, so please do share any tips.

Update: A Sister for Margot is now available on Amazon!