Wednesday 11 November 2020

Because I'm happy

I'm feeling happy today. Naturally, I'm unable to be happy without taking time to analyse why. This is the ideal state we all aspire to, the holy grail of modern life and a prized commodity during these quiet lockdown days. 

Russian Blue cat sits on Black Labrador
This makes me happy
I read recently that believing we can achieve happiness is a misguided notion. Better to live a useful life, where happiness becomes a byproduct (if we're lucky). This was said by somebody famous, though I can't remember who (possibly a former American president or First Lady - I've overindulged on US politics recently).

There's some sense in this. It's a bit like making the food arrive in a restaurant when you've popped to the loo, or not overthinking a tricky dance step. The magic happens when you're distracted.

However, that doesn't stop me dwelling on contributory factors. Here's what's on the list: autumn sunshine, Biden's Trump-defying win, vitamin D pills, observing the crazy antics of my little cat, using lockdown to crack on with my latest novel, a fortuitous alignment of hormonesenjoying my husband's current good mood (contentment-contagion theory), catching up with old friends.

It could be any or all of these factors boosting my mood, although there's no particular reason why I should feel happier today than yesterday. I guess it's also like the weather. Ten degrees of happiness with no cloud forecast for Wednesday.

As Pharrell Williams would say, Sunshine she's here, you can take a break. Happiness bubbles up inside like a spring. Under its spell, I feel shielded from the harsher realities of life. I'm filled with sunlight, rose petals and the scent of vanilla. It brings to mind kittens and Labradors, silky ears and waggy tails... or a room without a roof.

But let's not overthink it. Because I'm happy and that will do for now.

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